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"I was suffering from this problem of low sperm count and minimal flow of ejaculation for a long time now. I am extremely satisfied with MaxoCum herbal pills. I have experienced noticeable increase in volume of semen that intensifies my orgasms. I really thank my friend for recommending this amazing product."

Bryan, Chicago

"Due to the heavy drugs prescribed to me, I had lost the potency of my sperm and I could not make my wife happy. Once while browsing through the net, I came across MaxoCum sperm enfacement pills and decided to give it a try. My sexual life is now at its peak and I am a very satisfied man now."

David, Sydney

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Maxocum Ingredients, Side Effects

Maxocum is a natural formulation of the finest herbs that work highly effectively against Erectile Dysfunction (ED). MaxoCum have no side effects. MaxoCum consists of the following potent ingredients:

Change against Erectile Dysfunction (ED) towards increasing semen volume as well as sperm count.


Brand Name: Maxocum™
Servings Per Container: 60 Capsules
Chlorophytum arundenaceum
Asparagus racemosus
Withania somnifera
Tribulus terrestris
Pueraria tuberose

Chlorophytum arundenaceum:

It possesses adaptogenic properties. It is a highly effective herb for increasing male potency and improves sperm quality.

Asparagus racemosus:

It is used as a demulcent, diuretic, aphrodisiac and galactagoue. Its root extracts exhibit anti-allergic activity and also has a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system. Improves low libido and boosts overall sexual appetite

Withania somnifera:

It contains flavonoids that help immensely as an antioxidant, and an overall male enhancement ingredient. It is a unique herb with anti-stress adaptogenic action that leads to better physical fitness and helps to cope with life’s daily stress.

Tribulus terrestris:

It is most often used for infertility, erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Pueraria tuberose:

Is a powerful aphrodisiac that improves the capacity of erection in men, also increasing the sperm count and sperm volume. It helps in increasing seminal output and giving better ejaculation control.

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